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Welcome to Viddli!

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Welcome to Viddli!

A web3 social media dApp that rewards its users for using it and creating content!

At Viddli, we believe that your time and engagement on social media should be valued and rewarded. That’s why we’ve created a dApp that allows you to view and share content, connect with others, and earn rewards while doing it.

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Discover Viddli's Key Features

Roadmap Features

Content Creation

Users can easily create and share their own content with their followers.

Rewards Program

Viddli rewards users with $MTY tokens for viewing and sharing content, which can be withdrawn to any wallet.

Social Interaction

Viddli allows users to connect with other people on the platform and follow their favorite creators.

Minty NFT Glasses

Minty NFT Glasses are a unique way to increase your earnings on the platform.

How Viddli Works


Get started by downloading Viddli from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Join our verified discord community of more than 20,000 members and start connecting with other users.

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View and create content

Explore the dApp to discover content from across the globe or create your own content and start building your community.

Connect with

Follow your favorite creators or friends and stay up-to-date with their latest content.


A large portion of the ad revenues generated by the dApp are distributed to the users to reward:

  • Quality content creation
  • Time spent on the dApp by the users
  • Users’ engagement with content

Increase your earnings

Buy one or more of our limited edition NFT Glasses and multiply your earnings.

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Roadmap to Our Vision

Roadmap Roadmap

Viddli Ecosystem


eMTY is the in-app virtual point system that is distributed to the users. Users will be able to use eMTY in the app for different features. Every month eMTYs are converted to $MTY.


$MTY is the on-chain utility token for the Viddli ecosystem. It is a BEP20 token deployed on the BNB smart chain. It can be used for different utilities or can be traded against other cryptocurrencies.

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Our Network

Collaborating with Leading Web3 Industry Players


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Still have questions?

Down below you can check all of the most frequently asked questions regarding the app and $MTY.

By creating and consuming content on Viddli, you can earn eMTY, which is converted to $MTY based on the Viddli app's ad revenue. The more users who interact with ads and use the Viddli app, the higher your conversion rate from eMTY to $MTY will be.

You can purchase $MTY on our ICO platform. The $MTY you’ve earned on the Viddli app will also be available directly after being automatically converted from eMTY.

eMTY is awarded to users who use the app by reading or writing articles, as after watching ads, eMTY will be added to their account. $MTY is the actual token that you can purchase through our ICO/pre-sale, exchanges, or p2p.

By showing ads in each article published, we generate income that goes directly into $MTY liquidity, just like sponsored ads in our social media channels!


On the Viddli app you can do all sorts, from following your favorite writers in order to receive notifications when they post, to publishing your own content (whatever kind of content that might be - news, guides, reviews or blog posts), and even creating a network of contacts, and all the while earning eMTY for doing so!

On some exchanges, you can exchange your $MTY for other cryptocurrencies or stablecoins. The complete list can be found by clicking here.

The $MTY contract address is as follows: 0xDe27C2c13d1eEB87744bF3c2a9168c1cbd62ee81